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According to a study, over 80% of real estate agents across the globe face this situation and only the rest of 20% can make a cut. Not just this, with fierce competition, ever-changing technology, and unrealistic expectations of customers, today’s brokers face a variety of other challenges. Is it your story too?

Ace real estate demand generating expert Sanjay Kumar can help you shift gears and move from the league of those ever-struggling 80% to a highly successful 20%.

Sanjay firmly believes that no matter who you are, or what you’re like, you can be successful in generating high-quality leads and grow your business manifold.

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We are able to increase our commission income from Rs 17 lakhs to over 80 Lakhs

in less than one year with Sanjay's Sequencing Leads method.

— Simoni Banga (Gurgoan)

Build a business that outperforms

in Real Estate Broking Market

Whether you are just getting started or a veteran in the real estate broking business, Sanjay Kumar can help you achieve excellence in your profession and in your life.

With Sanjay Kumar’s coaching and strategies, you would be able to —

  • A step-by-step system for generating high-quality leads
  • Clarity and focus on individual goals, both personal and professional
  • A complete business and marketing plan for breakthrough growth
  • Setting yourself apart from the competition & mastering the art of taking massive action, and much more

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"Lead Generation Mastery"

The most popular online training for Real Estate Agents/Brokers by

# 1 Demand Generation Expert - Sanjay Kumar


We could sell 27 units and earn over 3.5 crore income as commission in less than one year with Sanjay’s lead generation strategies.

— Neha Bhatnagar

Meet Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar is considered India’s #1 Demand Generation Expert for Real Estate Professionals.

Unlike other real estate trainers who do not have the first-hand experience in the real estate broking business, Sanjay Kumar's dual-track record speaks for itself. He was among the Top Real Estate Agents in Delhi NCR and is now considered the #1 Real Estate Coach in India.

He is the author of the much-admired book "Top 10 Blunders Why Real Estate Agents Fail".

With a vast experience of over 10 years, Sanjay has helped 600+ real estate agents across India test unprecedented success in their career. No wonder this makes him THE obvious choice of agents determined to thrive financially.

His Sequencing Leads System is uniquely positioned to deliver real, current, and proven solutions to real estate agents.


Sanjay is a beast when it comes to lead generation for real estate agents. Not just that he has that rare ability to 

convert the leads to high-paying customers.

— Akshar Yadav (Creator of Get Overbooked program)

Achieve the sales figures you've

always dreamt of

Let Sanjay Kumar know your fears, motivators, hopes, dreams, goals, and craft a fail-proof lead generation and income multiplier plan for you, which is extremely practical and easily applicable.

Pick my brain as much as you want. I’ve been through everything you’re going through, and I’m ready to teach you what took me years to learn.”

— Sanjay Kumar


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Sanjay Kumar keeps organizing an open workshop for a group. You need to check the training schedule and register yourself. Group Coaching has the same impact and it will be less expensive as well.

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